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Dutchess Capital is the manager for several global investment funds that provide capital to start-up, pre-IPO and publicly-traded companies worldwide. Since 1996, Dutchess has made over 400 investments globally, with a total transaction value exceeding $2 billion. The size and scope of our investments have ranged from initial seed capital for start-ups to $25 million dollars for more established emerging growth companies. Through our investments, we aim to build strategic partnerships that foster growth, drive profitability and create shareholder value.

Dutchess provides plain vanilla, as well as structured equity and debt financings, for companies located throughout North America, UK and Continental Europe, Australia, Asia and Latin America. We can also advise and provide full scale assistance to companies seeking an alternative public offering or reverse merger. Our senior management team has extensive business and global capital markets experience. With offices located in Boston, New York, London, Beijing and São Paulo, our team has the resources to provide on-site support for our portfolio companies.

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